D33 - Hotel Deregulation Project

Hotel Deregulation Project

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Mohammed Iqbal General Manager, representing Khalidia Place Hotel Dubai by Mourouj Gloria, is appointed as one of the leaders of the Regulation pillar for D33 – Hotel Deregulation Project.

The Regulation team consists of over 15 dedicated professionals, each bringing their unique skills and expertise to the project centered on the deregulation of Hotel Classification Criteria, with the primary goal of significantly enhancing these criteria to align seamlessly with Dubai’s ambitious D33 Strategy. This strategy aims to propel the emirate into the upper echelon of global cities, solidifying its position among the top three worldwide.

Through the implementation of these refined criteria, D33 objective is to elevate the standard of hospitality services offered to guests across Dubai’s diverse establishments. This endeavor is not only geared towards enhancing guest satisfaction but also aims to attract and satisfy investors, thereby enriching the overall experience for all stakeholders involved.

This initiative underscores unwavering commitment to excellence and mirrors vision for Dubai’s future as a premier global destination for travelers. Furthermore, D33 dedicated to enhancing our processes, procedures, and guests’ experiences by incorporating measurable tools within hotel establishments. This holistic approach will not only enhance the overall guest experience but also contribute to the continued growth and success of Dubai’s hospitality sector.

The second meeting for D33 The Regulation team will be held at Khalidia Palace Hotel Dubai.