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Treatments and Prices

Restore wellness and ease mind, body and soul at The Executive Spa, housed within Executive Suites in Abu Dhabi. Our luxurious spa offers the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, letting you unwind with indulgent massages and body treatments.

With relaxing therapy rooms including two VIP rooms, shower room and massage area, Executive Spa is fully equipped to cater to your every preference. Unwind with relaxing treatments and leave feeling refreshed, uplifted and rejuvenated.

Plan your visit to Executive Spa during your next Abu Dhabi break by calling +971 2 611 5333 or emailing [email protected]


Massage Type                                    Normal Room                                  

                                                   45 Minutes / One Hour                  

Oil Massage                                     110        /      130

Lotion Massage                                110        /      130

Essential Oils Massage                      130        /      160

Olive Oil Massage                             130        /      160                                          

Hot Stone Oil Massage                      130        /      160

Herbal Oil Massage                                                180

Olive Oil with stone Massage             150        /      180                    

Swedish Muscle Massage                  130        /      160

Aromatherapy Massage                    130        /      160

Hot Oil Massage                               150        /      180

Massage with body scrub                                       230